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International news on cannabis legalization
Headline Place Date
Legal medical marijuana passes Iowa Senate on 45-5 vote Iowa, USA 17.04.2017
What You Need to Know about the new Kansas City Marijuana Law Missouri, USA 17.04.2017
Trudeau Unveils Bill Legalizing Recreational Marijuana in Canada Canada 13.04.2017
Marijuana Now Legal at Home in South Africa South Africa 31.03.2017
For epilepsy patients, new cannabis oil law in Virginia is a ‘step in the right direction’ Virginia, USA 29.03.2017
Tennessee House Approves Bill to Reverse Marijuana Decriminalization Laws Tennesee, USA 26.03.2017
Vermont Committee Passes Marijuana Law Vermont, USA 22.03.2017
Illinois lawmaker proposes legislation to legalize marijuana Illinois, USA 22.03.2017
Legal Weed is Winning on Social Media Worldwide 13.03.2017
Low strength cannabis sales explode across Switzerland Switzerland 10.03.2017
Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017 Gets More Cosponsors Virginia, USA 09.03.2017
Florida lawmakers file bill to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana statewide Florida, USA 08.03.2017
Israel makes it official: Cannabis is not a crime Israel 06.03.2017
Doctors rejoice as Germany kicks off medical marijuana prescriptions Germany 03.03.2017
Federal Legislation Introduced To Exclude Cannabis From The Controlled Substances Act United States of America 28.02.2017
Marijuana industry, angered by White House reversal, speaks out United States of America 24.02.2017
Will Tunisia finally amend harsh cannabis law? Tunisia 22.02.2017
Congressional Cannabis Caucus introduces HR 975 United States of America 20.02.2017
Medicines Control Council Moves The Medical Legalisation of Dagga A Step Closer South Africa 20.02.2017
Houston area decriminalizes possession of small amounts of weed Texas, USA 17.02.2017
A Congressional Cannabis Caucus Is Born United States of America 16.02.2017
Marijuana Law Reformers React to Attorney General Jeff Sessions United States of America 08.02.2017
States Keep Passing Laws On Marijuana As Anti-Marijuana Leaders Take Over United States of America 08.02.2017
Republican Congressman Introduces Bill to Resolve State/Federal Law Conflicts United States of America 08.02.2017
2 recreational marijuana proposals in Minnesota Minnesota, USA 08.02.2017
New Mexico Bill to Legalize Marijuana Passes House Committee New Mexico, USA 06.02.2017
Wisconsin Democrats introduce bills aimed at legalizing medical marijuana Wisconsin, USA 06.02.2017
South Dakota Bill to Repeal Possession-by-Ingestion Law South Dakota, USA 31.01.2017
Smoke 'em if ya got 'em: Weed is officially legal in Maine Maine, USA 30.01.2017
Cannabis: How legal and accessible in India it really is India 25.01.2017
Trump’s AG Nominee Continues to Waffle on Cannabis United States of America 24.01.2017
Georgia eases draconian law on cannabis use Georgia 24.01.2017
Great-grandmother battles Ministry of Health over medicinal cannabis products New Zealand 22.01.2017
German MPs vote to legalise cannabis for medicinal purposes Germany 19.01.2017
Legislature wants more time to mull North Dakota medical marijuana law North Dakota, USA 16.01.2017
Medical Marijuana Expansion Legislation Filed in Georgia's State House Georgia, USA 14.01.2017
Legal challenge filed against DEA’s new marijuana extract rule United States of America 13.01.2017
Two-Thirds of Police Say Cannabis Laws Should Be Relaxed United States of America 11.01.2017
Why Amsterdam’s coffeeshops are closing Amsterdam, Netherlands 10.01.2017
Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced in South Carolina South Carolina, USA 10.01.2017
Indiana Veterans Push For 2017 Medical Cannabis Law Indiana, USA 08.01.2017
Marijuana Legalization In Europe: Is France Next? France 06.01.2017
New Medical Cannabis Law Submitted in Missouri Missouri, USA 06.01.2017
Smoking Bud At the Wheel is (Kind Of) Legal in California California, USA 06.01.2017
No Jail Time for Misdemeanor Cannabis Possession in Harris County Texas, USA 05.01.2017
Florida’s Medical Cannabis Law Launches Off Florida, USA 03.01.2017
What you need to know about a new California bill that could ban weed use while driving California, USA 30.12.2016
New Nevada cannabis law – dos and don’ts Nevada, USA 29.12.2016
Maine's Marijuana Law: Important dates and what to know before smoking weed Maine, USA 23.12.2016
New Rules Released For Ohio’s Medical Cannabis Law Ohio, USA 20.12.2016
Maine’s new marijuana law may take effect by end of January Maine, USA 19.12.2016
What We Learned at the “Innovation in the Cannabis Industry” Conference United States of America 19.12.2016
Talkeetna marijuana businesses spotlight loophole in Mat-Su law Alaska, USA 17.12.2016
DEA Gives Cannabis Law Significant Tweak United States of America 15.12.2016
Mexico just approved a major change to its drug policy Mexico 14.12.2016
Legal cannabis rules proposed by Canadian expert panel Canada 13.12.2016
Trump's Pick for Attorney General Will Likely Crack Down on Cannabis United States of America 12.12.2016
Cannabis Revolution targets growing legal market United States of America 11.12.2016
Marijuana Legalization: Kentucky Senate Will Vote In 2017 For Medical Cannabis Law Kentucky, USA 10.12.2016
Cannabis becomes legal in Massachusetts on Thursday, December 15th 2016 Massachusetts, USA 09.12.2016
Florida weed laws: What to know about legalization in the Sunshine State Florida, USA 09.12.2016
Marijuana is now legal in California, but it can still keep you from getting a job California, USA 09.12.2016
Legal cannabis in NZ? Green Party offers green light to pot smokers New Zealand 08.12.2016
7 Reasons President Trump Is Unlikely to Fight Legal Marijuana United States of America 07.12.2016
Big changes planned for Colorado marijuana laws on home growing Colorado, USA 07.12.2016
New York medical marijuana gets law tweak, but still no talk of legalization New York, USA 05.12.2016
Progress On Medical Marijuana In Ireland Ireland 03.12.2016


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